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Basic to Better Backbending Workshop Series




Tuesday 31st January, February 7th & 14th

Image by Eugene Golovesov

About the Course

Join Robbie for this three work course centred around back-bending.

Backbending is one of the most liberating forms of asana we can do.  When we feel confident and calm in a backbend, our body and mind bask in the joy of being able to comfortably withstand something that is challenging.  

This three week course will aim to bring you exactly to this place.

Don’t expect to come to each class and just repeat backbending asanas over and over.  Instead each week we will look at the different components of our body that we need to mobilise and strengthen in order to back-bend effectively and safely. 

We will explore a range of components centred around working with:

  • our hip flexors

  • our knee stability

  • our core engagement

  • our thoracic spine flexibility

  • our shoulder rotation 

  • strengthening of the spine

  • Plus many more exercises that you can continue with in order to progressively build toward better back-bends


Any questions please feel free to ask Robbie. All sessions will be recorded and available for one month after if you miss a class.

We really hope to see you there.

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