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Hi, I'm Robbie

As cliché as it may sound, I didn't find Yoga; Yoga found me.  At the age of 24 I was going through the worst period of my life.  Having had a beautiful upbringing you could say I was sheltered and naïve and then all of a sudden life delivered heavy blows.  Filled with grief, loss, anxiety, fear, remorse & shame I didn't know where to look for aid, all I knew was I had to be patient. 

My Story

I moved to London and found that almost two years down the line there I was living out of accordance with where and who I wanted to be.  I did however complete my first training there which to this day is still arguably the most important training that I've done.  Not only was there a great deal of technical knowledge gained about physiology and neurology in relation to a developing adolescence but an emphasis placed on sensitivity, respect and malleability when approaching an individual with Yoga; lessons that have infused my teaching ever since.

Since that time my journey has ebbed and flowed, styles and pedagogies stuck to me and slipped away.  Two more journeys to India have followed, spending significant time there, training, learning and seeking.  India is the Yoga in itself, a land where the boundaries between 'I' and 'you' dissolve, where the liminal spaces come alive, those between birth and death, love and fear. 

Studying with Bharath Shetty in Mysore was an enriching experience as he is a teacher using the precision of Iyengar within the Ashtanga Vinayasa method.  Delving into Sivananda Yoga was illuminating and fulfilling because there are clear pillars from consistent practice.  This rigorous discipline allowed me to change internally with pace during a two year period of living and teaching in Spain with my friends, companions and teachers at Riverheart Retreats.

A little bit later in the timeline, it is revealing that life delivered me onto the path of somatics whilst living in Portugal, a form that turned technique and precision on it's head to some degree.  The work drew on the work of (not least) the Body Mind Centering methodology which emphasizes awakening deeply embedded cellular memory that has been latent since our embryological beginnings.  Indebted to the teachings I received during this time my trajectory was forever altered.


Non-Dual Tantra has affirmed many of my postulations and feelings about the grand, majestic and beautiful nature of reality as I feel it.  The Vedanta and the teachings of Patanjali somewhat proposes a negating framework of life, as it is, which when we live in a culture that prioritizes the body in Yoga above all else never felt quite fitting.  


I am committed to sharing the broader, larger and most importantly helpful aspects of the Yogic corpus in a humble but insightful way.  


Therefore the way I teach is this: I will give you tools to go deeper within your own soma and psyche but I will also try to provide a window of opportunity for you to both integrate and transcend the limitations that have been set upon us by default of being born in a material body and within the constraints of our current epoch.


Aside from Yoga, I am a Massage Therapist and bodyworker.

In a world that is frantically growing, Yoga can be our anchor going forward.  I am delighted to share this practice and walk this path with you.

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