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Yoga is a wonderful anecdote to the challenges of navigating life

What is Yoga?

The combined components of Psyche (emotional, intellectual, spiritual) and Soma (physical, sensory, perceptual) are the instruments that we’ve been given for investigation just as the scientist has their instruments towards a deeper and greater understanding of the world at large.


My Yoga journey started in 2015 and offered me the chance to really change my inner landscape and undergo a beautiful, but sometimes painful, journey of self-discovery.

My practice has generally allowed me to be less caught up in the inevitable ups and downs of life. Yoga is a journey of self-enquiry and asks of us great dedication to taste it’s fruits, something which I believe is paramount in our Western World.


We mustn’t seek new experiences but rather undertake a daily practice that offers us equanimity, reasoning and opportunity in every experience we are confronted with.

Intentions and Purpose​

I would love to be part of your journey with Yoga. We are all each-others teachers and students. In whatever capacity we collaborate together, I would like to clarify this: the objective of my offerings is to demystify the buzz-words surrounding Yoga to further bring some clarity and understanding to a Yoga practice.


Ultimately I hope that every individual can develop a practice that allows them to lead a life of lucidity; a life that can be at the least, tension-free. 

Practice has led my daily awareness to reside over these five key things:


The mind & the body are a continuum

A flexibility in mind will link to a flexibility in body and ultimately a plasticity in life

We have untouched capacity to hear and listen to our bodies

An enriched relationship with all that is ‘you’ will inevitably enrich ‘your’ relationship to the greater world

Any goal will be sufficed for the enjoyment of the path

Check out the various styles of Yoga I offer here and please feel free sign up to my mailing list.

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