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Somatic Yoga

Somatic-based movement gives us much needed autonomy in a world that likes to compartmentalize.  When normally so much is asked of us, somatic practices enable us to drop the questions and still find answers. 

An aphorism for the Yogis was that: if we want to understand and know the mysteries of the universe then we must understand and know our inner world

What can I expect in a class?

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Each class will have a primary point of bodily and physiological reference.  What that means is that we move from and are guided by a particular part of our autonomy or physical make-up. 


When we meditate or have a spiritual practice we can start to recognize how our feelings, sensations and awareness are not just confined to the space behind our eyes. 


The work of science has reaffirmed to us our body's inherent intelligence; it's ability to create the conditions upon which to thrive, to regulate itself for homeostasis and remain one step ahead of cognitive processing. 


Take the 200+ bones of which we are constituted.  They are a strong as reinforced concrete and yet light enough to allows us to run, jump and skip.  How would we move with awareness residing in this space of being?

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Music and language are key components to this practice. 


Guided with along with the verbal cues of the teacher, you will be encouraged to use the asanas loosely, as a series of blueprints to create your own bodily forms, movements and shapes around. 


There is no space for perceptions of right or wrong, just an acknowledgement of the 'is-ness' of what arises.  A soundtrack will be played, creating an environment that will both stimulate, soothe and influence the senses into an embodied state. 

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“Moving the body instinctually made for a true workout of body and relaxing of mind. The combination of music, gentle guidance and encouragement to move the body without inhibition or fear of looking ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid’ as we were guided through familiar asanas whilst being supported by the earth, air and a safe environment with Robbie was a freeing experience and finally made me feel like I understood the true meaning of yoga”


Shannon, Ireland

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