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1:1 Sessions

As an applicable tool for spiritual, emotional and physical growth, Yoga is very much a deeply personal experience. 


Long before the body and mind were (wrongly) viewed as separate and inconsequential, the Yogic system draws upon our psycho-somatic connection. 


The practice aims to source the emotional or mental occurrences (samskaras) that have given rise to our current physical, mental and emotional states. Yoga allows us to view, very clearly, how these imprints inform the narratives we hold to be true about ourselves.  


This is unique to each person and each individual's needs will be different depending on their own circumstances.  The view is to integrate what we find so that we can eventually transcend those beliefs, narratives or impressions.

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What can I expect in a class?

Our modern Western-body has changed vastly compared to what has come before.  Much of what we see in Modern Postural Yoga is an amalgamation of movements and postures adopted from Indian martial arts, ascetic bodily disciplines (Tapas) and gymnastics. 


Therefore each class will explore a variety of options in each posture, breaking it down to find what suits your needs. This is vitalising and also ensures that the practice is safe and in no way contributing toward, or prolonging, any existing physical ailments.

The key focus here is to become steady and comfortable in the postures which is an important component as detailed in the Yoga Sutras.  Therefore mobility exercises and strength building will be featured to bring stability and confidence in the body, undertaking the asanas with greater trust in oneself.

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Pranayama will be introduced slowly to cultivate awareness of not only the breath and it's power to influence and regulate our emotional states, but also how it can be effectively utilised during a sequence.  Correct breathing is key to a Yoga practice and with the attention it requires is best suited for a close interaction between teacher and student.

Ultimately the goal of the on-to-one sessions is ensure the student starts to become autonomous in their own body.  That they feel more comfortable when approaching their own personal practice. That they can apply these learnt techniques to bring about an expansion in their awareness.

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“Robbie has been such a great source of positivity and healthy support during this crazy year! I’ve been doing his classes since lockdown started and I love them. He’s super clear and easy to follow and the classes are well paced and meditative. I’ve got stronger and more flexible, and I now breathe deeper than I thought was possible. Robbie really shares his love of yoga asana and pranayama and it’s a joy to be part of it.”


Kate, London, UK

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